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- Alistar McCaw

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A mother of 2 children and wife to a fantastic husband. Being thirty-seven years young, I do not see myself as being anywhere near that age in health. As a very active and fit individual, I pride myself on my appearance as much as I do on my work.
My experience is rather extensive and varied; I was schooled at The National School of the Arts, an Art and Ballet school in Johannesburg, South Africa and have always been obsessed with body movement in all forms.  Following high school, I joined the State Theatre Ballet Company with the intention of fulfilling my dreams, The Company, unfortunately, closed a year later, and I was forced to forge a new career path.

Being so obsessed with human movement, the natural choice was to enter the world of Sports Physiotherapy. Having worked in the field of Sports and Orthopaedic physiotherapy for over 12 years, my interpersonal skills and ability to spend time with people in a one on one environment are
integral to my daily routine. Simply put, I love what I do.


I have thought long and hard about my career path here in the Netherlands. And happiness for me lies in the hands on approach that physiotherpay gave me over the years in South Africa. Things are different here and I wont be given that freedom of choice as a Physiotherapist in the Netherlands. Massage Therapy allows me that freedom and combined with my knowledge as a physiotherapist, I have a powerful healing approach. 

"The power to shape your life is yours, take charge of it"






"I went to Cheryl to help me with really tight muscles after completing the Ironman Maastricht. Cheryl took the time to listen to me first to understand where I was hurting. I had a full body sports massage. She managed to release a lot of tightness especially my back/neck and calves. She adjusted the pressure accordingly. It was AMAZING!!! I can definitely the difference. Cheryl is professional and genuinely concerned about her clients. I would definitely recommend her."


- Melany Lottering Mull, 18 August 2018

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